The Location


Parga, is an idyllic resort located between the coastal area of Igoumenitsa-Preveza, opposite Paxos and Corfu and uniquely combines the mountain with the sea. Parga is a Municipality of 3500 people and consists of Parga, Anthousa, Agia, and Livadari.

Infrastructure: Parga has a health center, banks (national, commercial, rural), port station, fire station, police station, two dental clinics, two pharmacies, three clinics, pediatrician, etc. Dozens of shops to buy what you want, tourist offices for your trips to nearby islands of Corfu, Paxos and Lefkada and car and boat rentals, cafes, snack bars, restaurants with a variety of food at affordable prices. The most important thing is that it is located in the center of the beaches of Epirus and from here you can visit the beaches of Lefkada - Preveza to Igoumenitsa and Sagiada.


You will see the island in front of the beach with the high dry rocks Kremydas and Skorda, the Medieval Castle on a hill to the west of the city, you will wander by boat and you will experience the enchanting beauty and tranquility of the sea caves in the bay of Lychnikos, Sachra Agios Sostis and you will visit the fortresses of Parga and Anthousa.

You may visit:

Nikopolis. 3km outside Preveza, it was built in 31 BC, in memory of the victory of Octavian over Anthony in the naval battle of Aktio. It was endowed with exceptional privileges and imperfections as a "free" Greek city and experienced great prosperity until the 6th century AD. During the 3rd century AD. was the capital of Old Epirus with a population of 300,000 inhabitants. It was finally deserted during the 10th to 11th century due to earthquakes and raids. A large part of its walls is visible from the street while there is a small museum.

Necromantic Acheron On a hill in the village of Mesopotamos is the only necromancer of antiquity, in a building of the 5th century BC. with a cyclopean stonework, which survives and even impresses despite the church built on top in the 17th century. According to the ancients there was one of the two gates of Hades (the other was in Tainaro) and they went there to communicate with the dead, after of course the proper preparation.

Zalongos Rock It is the place of sacrifice of the women of Souli, who preferred to die rather than surrender to Ali Pasha, in 1803. It is about 28 km. from Parga but you should have the right mood, because the path that will lead you there and starts from the Monastery of Agios Dimitrios has 410 steps.

Acheron estuaries They are located in the village of Ammoudia, which is exactly what its name says. A nice village with a beautiful beach from where you can go up the river by boat to almost the necromancer (4 km). The area has been proposed to join the pan-European network of "Natura 2000" protected areas.

Wildlife Refuge Very close to Karavostasi beach, in a small plane tree forest is the Wildlife Refuge of the Community of Perdika. If you are in the area with your little "trouble", it is worth a visit.

Sagiada The most northwestern municipality of mainland Greece. A stone's throw from the border with Albania and next to the Kalamas Delta, it is a fertile place with many mandarins, corn and fish farms. If you go, make sure to climb the old sagiada, the archeological sites of Kasiopi in the village of Kamarina are beautiful, the monument of Zalongos a little above and North of the village of Kamarina.

Acheron Sources No relation to sources. The name is a bit misleading because it is not where the river begins. But outside the village of Glyki many springs spring into the riverbed. At this point Acheron is passable and the water covers your knee a little. But keep in mind that the waters are almost icy even in summer, precisely because of the springs. A little higher are the Straits of Acheron, which are very impressive. You can spend a lot in the Straits, sometimes swimming, sometimes walking and sometimes climbing next to waterfalls. At the beginning of the Straits you will find the "Ladder of Tzavellaina" and from this path you can visit the village of Samoniva in Souli.

Perdika A beautiful village that is not on the sea, but has hospitable and cheerful inhabitants, it is spotless, has a beautiful modern square with a fountain and trees and taverns with very good food where they respect the customer.



Valtos: Huge beach suitable for everyone, families, couples, individuals etc. It is next to Parga you can go by boat, we recommend it, on foot or by car just note that you can enjoy all water sports. We recommend the morning walk or the dusk.

Sarakiniko: 12km from Parga after the village of Agia, you can also go by boat from the Pier of Parga. and jeeps, wonderful sunset, suitable for all families, couples etc. from water sports only bicycles and canoes. The waters are normal while a small part of the beach is covered with pebbles for parking, do not worry, you will find it comfortable, while it is worth stopping at the source in "Bamoulos". There are restaurants and cafes, with relatively good food.

Agios Sostis: 1km south of Sarakiniko deserted. Forget the luxuries of restaurants, coffee water sports, drinking water, people, etc. and get to know what we call virgin nature. If you own a jeep and like to drive, on narrow and uneven dirt roads take the map the compass, go to Anthousa enter the village and good luck.

τον χάρτη την πυξίδα, πηγαίνετε στην Ανθούσα μπείτε στο χωριό και καλή τύχη.

Λίχνος: before Parga beautiful beach with water sports and all the good of culture, cafes, restaurants etc access by boat and car, wonderful waters and of course sand for the most part suitable for everyone.

Agios Giannakis: 6km before Parga beautiful beach with water sports, one of the cleanest in the area, suitable for everyone.

Front and rear Kryoneri: the main beaches in the city of Parga.

Before entering the settlement of Agia Kyriaki 5 km outside Parga, a downhill road with turns to your left will lead you to the small, but clean and amorphous beach of Ag. Giannaki. After the settlement of Agia Kyriaki and 4 km before Parga on your left is the beach of Lychnos. Inside the city and in front of the coastal road are the beaches of Kryoneri and Piso Kryoneri. Two km NW of the city asphalt road, will lead you to the beautiful beach of Valtos. 12 km NW is the beach Sarakiniko.